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A native to the western suburbs is Jeff. He met and married his wife in the Chicago area, and true to his Irish heritage, they married on St. Patrick’s Day. As an Alternating Currents electrician for many years, Jeff enjoys that his job is not repetitive and faces new projects every day. He likes different tasks and challenges his sees with every project. He has a keen knowledge for troubleshooting electrical issues and handles large projects with intense detail and accuracy.


Born and raised in the western suburbs of Chicago, he is familiar with the area as he travels around servicing generators from as far south as Orland Park to out west in Elburn. When you call for a generator maintenance, Dave will be onsite. When not cleaning or troubleshooting a generator, he is working along side our group of electricians as he has many years of electrical experience.


After working with his dad’s company for many years, James comes to our company as a seasoned electrician from the Chicago area. He brings his knowledge and humor to our company.


We are thrilled to have Aaron aboard our staff. He grew up in the western suburbs and brings energy and technology to our staff. He has quickly learned our electrical methods, and we are seeing him work with detail and accuracy on electrical projects.



Coming from a family of electricians, Jacob is well-versed as an electrician. He has installed for both residential and commercial. Born and raised in Chicagoland, he knows his way around the community as well as electrical installations.


As a long-time resident of Lombard, Michael is working close to his backdoor. He is our logistics in the warehouse, keeping equipment in working order and products tidy. He is a master organizer, and we are excited to have him onboard. You will see him delivering parts and helping electricians as needed.

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As a recent graduate of Lincoln Technical Institute, Jesus is ready to apply his knowledge to onsite experience as our electrical apprentice. You will see him on the job assisting the electricians, so jobs run smoother and faster. From the southside of Chicago, he will be sporting his Sox hat!

Position Open: Electrician

Call us at 630-545-9343 for more information or email us at to apply with your resume!


Kim is a hop, skip and jump from her nearby home to assist us in the office. With many past years of experience working in technical fields and offices, she brings her skills to help part-time with A/P and customer service.